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Are you Experiencing Hair Loss?

There are many different reasons for hair loss. We have solutions for you! We offer private rooms while we conduct a thorough consultation to Customize a Treatment for you. We have laser hair therapy, mens and womens hair units and hair loss treatment products. We offer program units or a la carte. Call now for a consultation!

Hair Loss Solutions

chemotherapy and radiation
Chemotherapy is used to treat and destroy cancer cells, which divides rapidly within the body. One side effect of chemotherapy is...

androgenetic alopecia
Androgenetic Alopecia is the genetic term for male or female pattern hair loss, and it is broken down into two...

alopecia areata
Sudden baldness in spots on the head. Mostly temporary, but can move around on the head.

alopecia totalis
Hair loss on head only.

alopecia universalis
Hair loss over entire body.

traction alopecia
Caused by excessive physical stress or tension on the hair.

Caused by client pulling hair out.

Most insurance policies cover the purchase of a cranial prosthesis. Please inquire with your insurance company.